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SystemEngineer360 Offers Fluke Networks Authorized Training in Asia/Pacific region 

SystemEngineer360 Pte Ltd proudly announce as the first company authorized by Fluke Networks to deliver the technology and product training in Asia/Pacific region. 


The training program has three different categories:


  • SystemEngineer360 Foundation Training

  • SystemEngineer360 Product Training

  • SystemEngineer360 Expert Training 




SystemEngineer360 proudly annnounce its joint service with Fastcom from UK to deliver the Managed Security Servcies in Singapore and ASEAN region.


Fastcom have been delivering managed network servcies in Europe for over 10 years to local Government organizations and in the retail and finance sectors. SystemEngineer360 Pte Ltd. will be the servcie delivery partner in the region. 


The Anuview servcies are beneficial to your business:


  • Monthly subscription model to reduce the CapEx

  • Improve the IT productivity and maintain high SLA

  • Seamless migration of both LAN and WAN upgrades

  • Complete data center visibilities

  • New hardware rollout visiblitiy and integration

  • Hosted firewall monitoring

  • Back office performance monitoring

  • Auto check for errors reducing business impact

  • Capacity planning with significant potential savings

  • Plan device moves on switch outage

  • Shutdown interface on rogue devices that come on the network

  • Identify what device is on what port


The Anuview servcies deliverable:


  • Hosted profiling of all branch locations

  • Key network performance monitoring

  • Defining acceptable traffic profiles for each branch

  • Continuous monitoring and alerting of traffic from each branch

  • Customized infrastructure and device policies

  • Updating traffic profiles where necessary

  • Ensuring the availability of the service

  • On-going support and maintenance of the service


Please contact Bai Qing for more information. 


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