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Best companion for System Engineers!

SystemEngineer360 Pte Ltd ("SE360") offers technology innovation, professional services and training services to the customers in Asia Pacific and Middle East region.


The founder of the SE360 brought more than 18 years industry experience to help the enterprise, Telco Service Providers to architect, deploy and operate the systems. 


SystemEngineer360's philosophy is to build the layered solution architecture for the customer.


  • Infrastructure layer: Connectivity (Physical/Virtual), Routing/Traffic Engineering, Infrastructure health monitoring, building functional group such as Unified Communications, etc.

  • Security layer: Define the policies, enforce the user access, Mac/IP layer security, user profiling.

  • Optimization layer: Optimize the business users traffic to ensure to maximize the performance.

  • Performance layer: Network Performance Management (NPM), End user experience, fully correlated view and analysis.

  • Business layer: IT service management, Big data analytical, API integration, Business KPI.


SE360 proudly represent the unique solutions for each layer and we help the customers to architect, proof-of-value (POV), implement and training. 


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